The strange little life of Lollipop Jones

Lollipop Jones
26 January
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The History of Lollipops
It took a village to make a Lollipop. Born to an honest to God commune, Lollipop grew up with a mindset firmly cemented in 1969. Her families were happy ones, and though she pissed away an incredible percentage of her Whole Foods paycheck on weed, Lollipop was as happy and carefree as they came. Never setting foot in a high school, Lolli was homeschooled all throughout her teenage years. Fortunately, she was able to earn her AA at a community college, but as she had no ambition or particular career goal beyond working the cheese counter and growing a little something-something in the spare room, Lollipop never got the benefit of a four year degree.

A penchant for shoplifting, in truth, could be cited as her only dasterdly vice in life, but it was enough to keep her out of heaven when a speeding car made Lollipop go splat across a mall parking lot.

Returning to Earth as an Angelic under the choir of Mercy didn't change Lollipop much. Providing forgiveness and mercy to those otherwise forsaken sounded pretty groovy. After many adventures with very interesting people, which she might even tell you about if you ask real pretty, Lollipop wandered into a very strange land.

Lollipop Flavors
Lolli is dreamy, laid back, and friendly to the point of being a little bit of a doormat. She just really doesn't get offended or put off by much and is more than willing to bend her wings the wrong way if it helps things along. Caring for other people is a pretty big part of who she is, and her big o'll squishy peace-and-love gig has served her pretty well so far. Lollipop is a genuinely nice person, though she isn't the wittiest or smartest of people. In fact, she can come off as a bit fuzzy around the mental edges, but the reality is that she's more of an intuitive/perceptive person than an analytical one.

Please notice that although I'm far from a super religious person, Lollipop loves God. I mean really loves God. She won't shove it down your throat or anything, but she's quick to remind someone that God loves all her kids like hippies love weed. If Lollipop was super complex, I swear I'd go into exhaustive detail, but she doesn't really have any big hopes or aspirations other than smoking a little weed, spreading God's love, and helping people.<

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